Monday, August 10, 2009

Dads Flying Solo in Sydney

You might be worried about how to build a great relationship with your kids on a part-time basis, shared discipline, when to introduce your kids to your new partner... or any number of other Dads Flying Solothings that a solo dad has to deal with.

Here you will find "everything you need to be the best dad you can be"...

That will mean different things to different solo dads, but the idea is to be able to come here to get support, information, ideas and to share your own thoughts and experiences. One thing is for sure - Dads Flying Solo is about celebrating fatherhood and building great relationships with our kids.

What we like to tell people about Dads Flying Solo is:

"Imagine a single dad who is confident and relaxed with his kids and has a great relationship with them... he has all the information and support he needs to raise happy kids and saves time and money on everything he needs. This includes resources, support, products, networking and events. This guy is probably a member of Dads Flying Solo. We are an online destination that provides single dads with “everything you need to be the best dad you can be”.

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